"Troubled Minds" (Nemierīgie prāti) is a thrilling exploration of two artists' bohemian lifestyles, based on a true story, improvisation, and banter. The protagonists are challenged with making sense of events, balancing art and absurdity, freedom and dependence on sponsorship. How is the Latvian art scene depicted in the film, and is it relatable to the Belarusian context? Art and experimenting with one's consciousness will discussed between Lauris and Raitis Ābele as well as art curator Anna Karpenko.

A talk with the brothers Lauris and Raitis Ābele
Language of the event: English with Belarusian subtitles.
22.11—19:00 (GMT +3)
Lauris Ābele and Raitis Ābele
Are Latvian filmmakers, born and residing in Riga. Lauris has obtained a Master's degree in Audio-Visual Arts (film directing) at the Latvian Academy of Culture and a Bachelor's degree in Humanitarian Sciences (philosophy) at the University of Latvia. Raitis Ābele received a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Latvia after studying Film Art at the New York Film Academy. They collaborate on films, music videos, and surrealistic art projects with their brother Marcis Ābele (DOP). As filmmakers, the brothers concentrate on contemporary existential issues and expressions through the use of strong visual elements.
Anna Karpenko
Is an art curator. Born in Minsk (Belarus), she lives and works in Leipzig/Berlin (Germany). Anna graduated from the Philosophy Department (Belarusian State University, Minsk), holds an MA in Sociology of Art (European Humanities University, Vilnius), and is currently doing another MA, "Cultures of the Curatorial" (Academy of Fine Arts, Leipzig). Karpenko focuses on curatorial theory, makes exhibitions, and writes texts. Anna's recent project is the group exhibition "When The Sun Is Low, The Shadows Are Long" (Arsenal Gallery, Poland, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Leipzig, Germany), April–September 2022.