Confidentiality Policy

The confidentiality clause applies to all the information that, due to the technology used, can be obtained by Volia Films OÜ (located at: Estonia, Tallinn, st. Saue 11, 10612, registration No. 14424910) (hereinafter, Volia Films) and which relates to the User of the "Zzya" Application (hereinafter the Application), which is installed by the User on his/her equipment (smart phone, tablet), under his/her Login and Password provided / specified by the User while signing-up in the Application and using the Application, and which can be linked to this particular user.

Obtaining and using personal information

By installing this application, you agree that while registering at, your data will be stored on the server of the company-contractor OOO "Mediatek".

When you use the Application it shall automatically receive and record the following at the server logs and Applications technical data: IP address, cookie, browser version, Application version, version of the operating system (hereinafter the mentioned information is referred to as "personal data").

Personal data shall be processed by automated tools for the period of use of the Application and shall be used only for the servicing of the Northern Lights festival (hereinafter referred to as the "Services"), ensuring the functionality of the Application and the prompt troubleshooting.

After the user stops using the Application the personal information will be stored at OOO "Mediate" for 1 year in accordance with the applicable law.

The following partner company shall be contracted to ensure the operability of the Volia Films service: OOO "Mediatek" Legal address: City of Minsk, st. Budslavskaya, 21A, office 10Б (B)

All the information received by Volia Films, as well as by the partner company OOO "Mediatek" shall be used for one main purpose: to make the Applications as convenient and useful as possible for you.

Use and disclosure of personal information

By installing the Application on his/her equipment and (or) using the Application under his/her own free will and in his/her interest the User agrees that Volia Films, for the purpose of providing the User with the Service (use of Application), ensuring the performance of the Application, improving its quality, eliminating errors and (or) prompt troubleshooting, has the right to transfer user's personal information to the third parties:

- the third party shall be OOO "Mediatek"

- authorized state bodies and organizations in accordance with applicable law,

- you have agreed to provide such information to other third parties.