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International program
Dir. Marta Pulk | Estonia, Jordania | 2021 | 75 min. | Documentary
Just three years ago, no one could have imagined that we would have to isolate ourselves in our apartments. That the streets of megalopolises will suddenly be empty, with police officers patrolling around and urging people to stay at home. That the forced necessity to be together 24/7 will cause a relationship that seemed strong to fall apart. That our professional lives will either be forever changed or entirely destroyed. For several months, we were worried about the same thing, but our thoughts and experiences varied. Filmmakers from 15 countries of the world, who met at Werner Herzog's master class in the Peruvian jungle, gave people the opportunity to vent out: they opened a support line where anyone could call and talk about how they feel while doing time in a voluntary prison. The emotional and philosophical stream of consciousness of strangers is illustrated by disturbingly poetic shots of deserted cities.
Original language: English, Spanish, Arabic, French, Albanian, Estonian, Mandarin, German
Subtitles: Belarusian | English
Twenty-two filmmakers from around the world, led by Estonian Marta Pulk, visualize the self-reflections of people locked at home during the first wave of COVID-19