The Eclipse
FROM 00:00 TO 23:59
International program
Dir. Nataša Urban | Norway | 2022 | 110 min. | Documentary
In the summer of 1999, people around the world took to the streets to watch a total solar eclipse, but in fire-ravaged Yugoslavia, instead, everyone locked themselves in their homes and shut their windows tightly. A Serbian-born director Nataša Urban, who lives in Norway, uses the astronomical phenomenon as a metaphor for war and, at the same time, for the human propensity to forget the inconvenient truth about it. Armed with hand-held film cameras, the filmmaker returns to her native autonomous region of Vojvodina and illustrates with abstract footage the memories of her kin about the terrible events of 30 years ago, including the role of Serbia, which many try not to mention. When Urban asks her grandmother about the war, she simply answers, "Which war?". As the basis of the film, Nataša also takes the "backpacker's diary" of her father, who in the 1990s began a hiking trip through the mountains of the country, as if trying to maintain a normal life in the unfolding hell.
Original language: Serbian, Romanian
Subtitles: Belarusian | English
A multi-layered exploration of collective memory and responsibility on the example of the Yugoslav wars. Winner of the main prize of the documentary film festival CPX:DOX 2022