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International program
Dir. Ivar Murd | Estonia | 2021 | 83 min. | Documentary
Experimental musician and producer Uku Kuut is difficult to call famous outside of Estonia and narrow circles of music enthusiasts in Europe and the United States. However, among fans, he is considered a phenomenon — both in terms of his art and in relation to his own life. Soviet jazz diva Marju Kuut gave birth to her son at the age of 17 and named him after the sound he constantly made in the first days of his life: "uku". An adventurous life path brought the smiling boy and his dreamy mother to Sochi in the 70s, where they grew really close and Uku developed interest in music for the first time. Then there was Stockholm in the 80s and the first electro-pop band, and Los Angeles in the 90s, where these two played and produced pop-funk and electro-jazz music. After the collapse of the USSR, Uku and Marju returned to Estonia, introducing Western influences to the nation's cultural life. Ivar Murd's documentary biopic stylizes Kuut's adventurous and touching story as a family chronicle, voiced by phone conversations of friends, loved ones, fans, and critics.
Original language: Estonian, English
Subtitles: Belarusian | English
When "mama's boy" sounds stylish: a chronicle of the life and adventures of underground musician Uku Kuut and his mother and creative partner Marju Kuut